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Advantage Arms 22 lr conversion kit. This kit is for the Glock 17/22, or the Glock 19/23. We have it threaded 1/2 x 28 to accept most 22lr suppressors!
Blast laser from Laser Devices INC. This unit mounts on an HK style weapon(not compact), and gives the user a light and laser combo device! Very very slick!
Cambi loader from World Wide Ordnance. This loader comes in 4 flavors(MP5, AR-15/M-16 223, Universal pistol, and AR-15/M-16 9mm & Uzi). The loader of choice for the entire OTB Staff.
Cleaning kit available in a custom aluminum case.
Cleaning kit available in a custom wooden case.
Eagle 3 point tactical sling. Available for: AR-15/M-16 a3 or a2, Remington 870 full stock or PG, HK full A2 or A3.
First Aid tactical suppresor case. Wow! This is an HK style case to hold your pistol and suppressor, along with 2 extra mags!!!!
Glock laser and light combo. Fits all handguns with standard rail!
Glock shoulder stock. Polymer. This will fit on all glocks, except (20,21,26,27,30,33). Makes your pistol an SBR.
Jarvis 22lr conversion kit. This will drop in to a fullsize 1911 frame and will turn it into a 22lr pistol. Uses standard colt ace mags. Our is already threaded 1/2x28 for your 22lr suppressor! Wow!
Laser Devices "K" grip laser for HK MP5K. This replaces the standard k grip on an MP5k. It has the pressure button built in.
Knoxx topfolding stock. Available for Mossberg and Remington.
Kroil brand lubricant, and rust preventative from Kano labs. 6 oz can.
Kroil brand lubricant, and rust preventative from Kano Labs. 12 oz aerosol.
Lasermax internal laser. We stock all models.
Lasermax laser and light combo. Available fro most extended tube shotguns!
Only the Best Firerms T-Shirt. Shirt is free when you purchase any firearm(please mention while ordering). Comes in S,M,L,XL, XXL, and I'll take another of pasta please(XXXL).
RBCD blended metal ammunition! Wow! **Click here for product specs**






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