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A couple of AR's that I had done for my 2 little girls for Xmas. They love em. The light sabers are cool, too.
This is an article that was written about the local Florida gun show circuit. Our shop was featured as being one of shops locally that carries the special "niche" product that we are known for. Enjoy.
The guys at the shop attended the Miami Beach Exxotica fest. The girls were not bad to look at. (R) rated.
We had a customer appreciation day, that was catered. We also had a sale on guns and accessories too. We hope to make this an annual affair. Lots of people attended
OTB's very own counter-terrorism task force. We are always ready for action should any of the "acronyms" need us. (This is what happens when it's slow...)
OTB fishing trip. As you can tell, 2 of our crew are not "Seaworthy!"
We sold a Barrett Semi auto rifle to a guy with a BMW Mini Cooper. My guys didn't think it would fit, but it did. This guy can fitg a lot of dead bodies in there.
My little girl, Valerie Anne, at her first range outing. She says, "Papa, this cricket is neat, but I wanna shoot the 249!!!"
Future Republicans!!!
The OTB traditional Labor Day BBQ. Some of us just need to say "NO" to more Pasta.
Boar hunting trip near lake Okeechobee.
Pictures from Knob Creek 2007, Fall shoot.
Last years OTB Christmas card.
This is the 3rd installment of the Girls and Guns video series, and the best yet!
This is the 2nd installment of the Girls and Guns video series.
This is part two of the 2nd installment of the Girls and Guns Video Shoot.
Another satisfied customer of Only the Best. Shaquille O'Neal evens towers over me, and makes Michael Weinstein look like a dwarf.
Only the Best was asked to supply our MG's and expertise for a local video shoot for "Girls and Guns".Part One
Girls and Guns part Two.
Hernando County Shoot July 4th 2006 Part One
Hernando County Shoot July 4th 2006 Part Two. Pix of my Medivac chopper ride!
OTB Staff taking a weekend off and attending the 2006 Miami Exxxotica festival. It's amazing how many of these bitches are into guns!
Hernando County Shoot July 4th 2005 Part One
Hernando County Shoot July 4th 2005 Part Two
Hernando County Shoot July 4th 2005 Part Three
OTB's Own Armed Republican BBQ Chef. Taken New Years EVE 2005.
OTB's Hurrican Wilma private Defense Force. Available for Hire. Must feed well and furnish cigars.
Only the Best Crew at the Friends of the NRA dinner
The boss and his new ride(Yes, I fit)!
Little Ralphie having fun with the Beretta PM-12S
Local customer Katia posing with some full autos!
The range table when OTB goes shooting!
Len w/MP5K RR
Dr. A w/Beretta Suppressed
Len w/Vollmer HK 21
Mr. G on the '42 at the Creek!
Trevor on the '42 at the Creek
Lee with the 91SG1
The boys quail hunting!
Mike C. with the American 180
Marco on the 1919!
Marco on the valmet 76! Check the brass out!
Big Vito on the 1919
A custom Mirage Flage paint by Lauer Custom Weaponry. We do this locally here at Only the Best Firearms. Please inquire as to pricing.
This is a 51b that came in and out of OTB.
Valerie Anne Servideo(2.5 years old) & Victoria Aprile Servideo(2 days old)
Vahan(Armament Services International) at the SAR show with the Shrike!
Myself holding the Shrike at the SAR show!!
Vahan and Myself posing with the first production model shrike at the SAR show in Phoneix!!!
Vahan, Tom Bowers, and myself taking a breather at the SAR show in Phoenix





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