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Chinese AK-47 Amnesty Registered Bringback.BulThis is a 100% bringback AK-47 in 7.62x39. We purchased this gun from the gentlement who took it off a VC Sniper in country. Here is a letter than he notarized, "

This weapon was captured midyear, 1965 during a sweep of a rubber plantation at the edge of Tan Son Nhut airbase located in South Viet Nam. The base was a major staging area for the buildup of U.S. forces which was occurring throughout 1965. At that time most of the Viet Cong military activity that was occurring in the southern war zones was gorilla activity.  The major North Viet Nam buildup was also just beginning  in the south. A major headache for planes taking off and landing at the base was small arms sniper fire. This weapon was taken from a sniper who wandered into a platoon from the 1st of the 26th, U.S. Army 1st Division. The unit had been charged with helping secure the airbase and clear the area of snipers.


We have the ORIGINAL amnesty registration form from 1968 also.Please Email for Price