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HK 21 Sear gun.

Built by RDTS. Comes with 4pos pack,clubfoot, and it's as smooth as silk!!! It's already cut for a beltbox and includes one of those! This is a sear gun registered in all 3 calibers. This gun has all the E upgrades. Carrying handle, oversized cocking handle, oversized barrel handle, 1200 meter sights. This gun runs super smooth, and has less recoil than a standard 21.All HK's are shown with a 4 position/3rd burst lower. These are not included with the price. Guns all ship with plastic S-E-F packs. If you wish to upgrade to the 4pos/3rd pack, please add an additional $1495.

Please Email for Price
Please click here for an in depth explaination of how the sear and host system works!!!